Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Why did the producers of Biggest Loser decide to fake the outcome of the challenge?  Obviously, the contestants participated as they re-shot the ending at least once.

In the sequence that looks like the genuine article, it looks like Rulon slows down and Tara catches up, but Rulon still just barely wins.  Perhaps they planned that she was going to catch him right at the end, but they realized that she didn't quite beat him forcing them to re-shoot the ending.

What does this have to do with Rulon suddenly leaving the show?

Whatever the reasoning, it's disappointing that they tried to pull the wool over our eyes.  And then did such a poor job of it.  If you want the prize to go to Tara and her  foundation, let Rulon win fair and square and then give the prize to her.  Not as exciting on TV, but also not a poorly executed sham.

This comes after promising "no future misrepresentations" after getting caught faking Dane's marathon finish two years ago.

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