Monday, May 9, 2011

Still No Answers

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I have heard lots of rumors about what really happened at the ranch.  Some say Rulon was disqualified for having a cell phone, a scale, and sneaking off the ranch.

I wish the producers would just tell us the truth.  If it's true that he was DQ'ed, then tell us.  Don't cover it up with a faked contest.

It makes me wonder how many other things have been faked.  You would think Reveille Productions would have learned their lesson after they got caught faking Dane's marathon finish two years ago.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Video

Here is the video of the race ending.  Notice that in the overhead shot, the contestants are upright and moving with quick steps, instead of leaning forward.  I suspect that they weren't really pulling the cars in that take.  Also, Austin stops then starts again in the faked ending and Rulon had removed his gloves.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Need More?

Look at the shadows.  In the first image, the sun is behind the contestants.  In the second image, it's in front of them.


Why did the producers of Biggest Loser decide to fake the outcome of the challenge?  Obviously, the contestants participated as they re-shot the ending at least once.

In the sequence that looks like the genuine article, it looks like Rulon slows down and Tara catches up, but Rulon still just barely wins.  Perhaps they planned that she was going to catch him right at the end, but they realized that she didn't quite beat him forcing them to re-shoot the ending.

What does this have to do with Rulon suddenly leaving the show?

Whatever the reasoning, it's disappointing that they tried to pull the wool over our eyes.  And then did such a poor job of it.  If you want the prize to go to Tara and her  foundation, let Rulon win fair and square and then give the prize to her.  Not as exciting on TV, but also not a poorly executed sham.

This comes after promising "no future misrepresentations" after getting caught faking Dane's marathon finish two years ago.

The Evidence

I realize that BL is an entertainment show and they re-shoot things all the time, but it looks like they re-did the ending of last night's car pull race to change the outcome.

If you're just watching Rulon and Tara, you might not notice it.  But watch Austin and it's obvious that they've cut together two different endings.

In this shot, where it looks like Rulon (yellow car & shirt) will win, you can see that Austin (brown) is ahead of the cars of both Rulon and Tara (green shirt, gold car)

But in the angle that they used to show Tara winning, Austin is half a car length behind.